Brighid Path Essences

Ancient Wisdom for a Modern World

Blue Nine - The Wisdom Teachers


We begin with the first nine.  Like the berry nuts of sacred truths, from the nine hazel trees at the Well of Wisdom, these are the foundation of our journey.  These are deep truth teachings that have mulitple layers of application and unfolding.  They appeared in vision and word channelings complete and direct. Each one showing cosmic truths, snippets of ancient pre-recorded history, and myth like imagery that are embedded in the psyche, particulary that of the Celtic landscape and people.  


Similar to a pure blue print, they show and offer a path of evolution and potential, for humantiy as a whole and for the individual. They bring us in to a deeper relationship with ourselves, and life itself, by aligning us and connecting us to divine truth, love and beauty. They address the imbalance between the masculine and feminine in their primordial forms; helps us to work with our shadows and woundings in a supported and transformational way; and inspire us to live by our higest truth and personal credo as creative, fully embodied, expressions of ourselves. These are the truth teachings that Brighid in her cosmic form wants us to have now. These essences are a way of dropping them in to our cells and psyche for an experiencial, in-body knowing and understanding. It is these truths that all avatars of the Brighid Ray have lived by and shared in their lifetimes, and it is these wisdoms that many have walked with for eons.  They are much needed once again in this time of human history.


These first nine are borne through fire and water, the duality that shapes the plane of matter and our entire universe.  They are the journey we take, over and over again, through trust and healing to empowerment and sovereignty, and on into bliss and a return to innocence.  We can then begin once more, spiraling again and again, in an ever expanding gnosis and healing, deepening our joy, power, self mastery and interconnectivity. They are the spiral of life, with peaceful purpose, cosmic understanding and unconditional love. They are:





Hearing the call and stepping onto the path


Trust that you will be provided for and follow where She leads


“the pilgrimage will change you”


“having clarity without seeing”


“your feet know where to go”



Trust; surrender; service; willingness; quest

Sacrifice; anonymity; relinquishing ego

Belief in your own capabilities; trust the process

Fresh start; new beginnings; new project

Stepping into the light; clearing the slate

Connecting to the land; hearing the call  

Help with masculine trusting feminine

Healing feminine betrayal of masculine

Connecting to the sacred feminine aspect of water





Being anointed and called for purpose


The deep peace and knowing that comes when your mission is aligned to Source


“the feminine light that blesses and bestows”


“she infuses and informs your path”


“guides incarnation”



Inner peace; inner knowing; trusting intuition

Aligning with Source; divine authority

Hearing the guidance and finding answers

Listening to your heart; following your dreams

If you feel or hear the call you are fit for the job

Justice; peace; courage; right intention; humility

Empowerment for purpose, right thought and action

Being guided by the sacred feminine

Being actioned by the sacred masculine

Connects head to heart to hands

Connecting to the lineage of divine service





Overcoming the tests, following your mission and being found worthy


Sovereignty is granted to those noble of heart and not seduced by power


“absolutely centred, it has no agenda, but every intention”


“masculine and feminine in perfect submission and perfect rule of each other”



Aligning with Cosmic Law, Sacred Warrior

Sacred Marriage; union of land and right governance

Self-mastery; inner authority, boundaries

Overcoming personal demons; stepping up

Balance of inner masculine and feminine

Male and female rising empowered together

Steadfast; integrity; loyalty; worthiness

Benevolence; kindness; firm yet gentle; respect

Decision making; right choices; leadership

Listening and learning from others; union

Power in service; power without greed; good money





The flash of inspiration, the fire in the head


Thought into matter


“eradicating that which holds us back”


“breathe the thoughts out through your mouth”


“mental fire”



Aligning thought process with Cosmic Order; Manifestation

Removing limiting thoughts; burns away limitations

Mental dexterity; acumen; quick thinking; mental drive

Creativity; inspiration; developing ideas

Problem solving; thinking outside all boxes

Playful wit; creative writing; skilled debate; liveliness

Clarity; coordination; seeing the way clear

Intentioned breath; holding the vision

Manifesting thought into matter; actualising creativity

Seeing patterns; making connections; new understanding



Deep Well


The well we dive into to come up reborn


The descent into heart and soul to become beautiful, naked and luminous


“this is where we go to connect”


“tidal wave pouring through”


“the water has cleaned the bones”



Rebirth; diving into the old to be reborn

Deep healing; powerful cleansing; regeneration

Clearing old patterns; ancestral healing

Removing ingrained storylines; removing unwanted archetypes

Shadow work; clearing dense energy

Having the courage to go through a difficult process

Clearing familial shadows and releasing family karma

Releasing tears and shame; facing sadness, grief and anger

Stripping away old layers of that which does not serve

Going back to the bare bone of self

Past life work; accessing memory; soul and power retrieval





The gentle slipping over in absolute trust


The letting go of one world to arrive in another, without fear or pain


“imperceptible breath”


“subtle doorway”


“falling asleep and waking up at the same time, very peaceful, very gentle”



Removing the anxiety and fear of death or dying

For grief, shock and anger whilst coping with terminal illness

Final surrender; peaceful transition; dignity

For grief, shock and anger at loss of, or the illness of, loved one

For traumatic loss of loved one; for near death experience

For traumatic survival in which others lost lives

For heart wrenching loss of relationship, job or home

For extremely difficult life transitions or forced change

Deep peace; relinquishing control; letting go; acceptance

Not hanging on to the way things were

Liminal space; miracle space; breath awareness



Three Cauldrons


Three fires; three cauldrons; three worlds


“they spoke of alchemy, all of the different varieties of teaching that overlay, it’s all in the cauldrons”


“the world tree”     “ everything is there”

“to experience it is the teaching”


“the fires are completely separate, but burning as one”



Strengthening and connecting the Three Cauldrons

Balance and harmony; energy in body, mind and spirit

Working with the World Tree; accessing Three Worlds

Working with and integrating all layers of consciousness

Assimilation and union of many philosophies

Deep understanding of the interconnectivity of all

Centred in the present, with awareness of past and future

Strong physical grounding during spiritual growth

The Marriage of Heaven and Hell; inner alchemy

Experiential understanding of ancient wisdom

Practical spirituality; grounded and inspired presence



Holy Water Sacred Flame


Primordial forces, beyond what we know, have called to each other, found each other in this plane and have brought everything into existence in their exquisite soft dance


“this has been their dance forever”


“this ever evolving dance, togetherness, of exploring new ways to be … it’s just beautiful”



Balancing Fire and Water; harmonizing inner polarity

Inner Masculine and Feminine creating and enabling together

Divine union of Spirit and Matter; spiritual conception

Experiential knowing of duality, creation and beauty

Experiential oneness with the flow of nature and cycles of life

Surrendering to love; enabling love to flow; loving the self

Finding right compromise; respectful communication

Tender intimacy; passionate exchange; seeing beauty

Allowing change; growing through relating

Softening to unite; deep honour of the opposite

Sacred sexuality; being both Lover and Beloved

Enjoyment of the Dancer and the Dance; Being and Becoming

Working with the central column; raising energy; bliss



Land, Sea & Sky


The places where the elements play with each other, they play with the edges of each other


Our senses perceive where the edges meet and dance, and we discover our true selves


“it’s all about enjoying every little breath”


“everything is more alive than we realise”


“return to innocence”



Sensuality; laughter; playfulness; fun; pleasure; joy; honesty

In love with the self; self-care; opening the heart to the self

Relaxation; carefree; lowers stress; not too serious

Return to innocence; childlike wonder and appreciation

Enjoyment of the natural world; being in harmony with nature

Opening our eyes to all that is truly there; sensory awareness

Connecting to the elements; working with Elementals

Having awareness of the Faery, the Shining Ones, the Sidhe

Deep honour and love of the Land and all her Beings

Appreciating our natural gifts and talents; right usage of gifts

Right use of magick and spiritual power; without guise or harm

Connecting to the magick of the Land and Her Guardians

Experiential understanding of mythology and hidden truth

Movement; dance; art; sacred movement; somatic movement