Brighid Path Essences

Ancient Wisdom for a Modern World

There are twenty essences in total. Although all the essences stand alone and can be taken individually, (apart from the Red which are not for human consumption) they themselves form a unique system through which we can journey as pilgrim, and become spiritually transformed.  With each essence comes deep wisdom teachings that unfold in our psyche and cells.  This in turn affects us physically, emotionally and mentally.  The Brighid Path is  a system, a journey spiral of layers and amplification. The Blue Nine are the primary wisdom teachers, but certain facets of them can be amplified by the Green or the Gold, in ever deepening and more profound spirals of awakening, healing and evolution.  There are eighty-one combinations to create with the Blue Nine alone, then the system just multiplies the effect, application, direction and nuance by three each time.  This means that the energy of each of the Blue Nine has many applications for mind, body and spirit.

































Blue Nine - The Wisdom Teachers          Click here to find out more 


We begin with the first nine.  Like the berry nuts of sacred truths, from the nine hazel trees at the Well of Wisdom, these are the foundation of our journey.  These are teachings that have mulitple layers of application and unfolding.   These are:






Deep Well


Three Cauldrons

Holy Water Sacred Flame

Land, Sea & Sky


Each one was channelled in full word and vision form, leading us on a journey through trust and healing to empowerment and sovereignty, and on into bliss and a return to innocence.  We can then begin once more, spiraling again and again, in an ever expanding gnosis and healing, deepening our joy, power, self mastery and interconnectivity.



Green Three - The Amplifiers


These futher spirals can be enhanced by the three green amplifiers, which draw out the three cauldron aspect of the individual essences, and indeed of Brighid herself.  Each of these not only have channelled information encoded in them, they are imprinted with six plant energies and a tree energy.  There are three plants within these that themselves create a circuit between the layers, with Nettle joining the first two, Betony linking the middle and top, and finally Mistletoe joining the top and bottom :


Mantle - the foundation, the grounding force, the manifester in the physical

Pestle & Mortar - the healer, the heart, the community

White Wand - the initiator, the magi, the adept



Gold Three - The Sacred Spaces


The three gold essences are the sacred spaces of Brighid, and of the three cauldrons.  These also create an amplifying effect and an energetic container in which the magick happens.  Each of these has the added energy of a wood burned in the fire therein, and the metal aligned with the space:


Forge - in the realm of the Sacred Smithy, the blazing fire and the icy slack bucket, we are tempered, purified, molded, and created for purpose

Hearth - via kitchen table, the well and the hearth, we are nutured by the healer, the grandmother, and birthed anew and made whole

Temple - before the everlasting flame and the pool we bear witness and are inspired by wonder music and poetry that creates the universe



Red Four - The Earth and Water Healers         Click here to find out more 


Part of the Brighid Path is very much about connecting to the land beneath our feet, recieving it's wisdoms. and honouring all of land, sea and sky with love and care. This set of four essences contain channeled healing energies specific to earth and water.  These are not for human consumption, but to offer to land and water to make reparation for human neglect or wrongdoing, or to energise and activate the fire lines in the land or the water lines, and  the springs, rivers, streams and seas. These essences are:


Grove Offering - a matrix of three female and three male offerings in a hexagram to balance, and to make reparation and offering to the land

Triskele -  activates the spin of water molecules in such away that they can reset to a clean and pure state, free of pollution and thought forms

Cross of Reeds - energises the fire lines with solar enegy so that they can shine and connect across the land, creating a web of light

Eternal Pool - calls the singing waters home to their source, to harmony, to peace and renewal, so that the cycle may ever go on



White - The Sacred Presence of She


Finally our journey culminates by coming before the Divine Feminine.  Communion with the Great She via her form as Brighid Herself.  Enveloped, inspired and in awe, in serenity and peace, we sit in Her presence. Timeless, eternal and beyond words is:


Vigil - containing the full awareness of all the other nineteen,





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