Brighid Path Essences

Ancient Wisdom for a Modern World



















Grove Offering - holds a matrix of three female and three male offerings (energetically linked to salt, blood, and gold) in a hexagram, to make reparation and offering to the land



To consecrate a space; to honour an existing sacred landscape; to create a sacred circle

To nourish, feed, love and honour the Land and local beings

To establish, strengthen and maintain our human connection to the Land and place

To raise our environmental, spiritual and energetic awareness of Land and place

To apologise and make reparation to the Land and place for human wrongdoing done there

To energetically cleanse the Land and place of bloodshed, violence, war or rape



Cross of Reeds - promotes the connection between the fire lines and solar energy so that those lines can shine and sound properly, and connect across the land re-creating their original web of light



To help the fire lines reconnect in places where they have bcome disrupted by human intervention

To energise or activate dormant fire lines, and to make them hum or sound

To energise and harmonise the web of solar light that lies beneath the ground

To honour and energise the earth energies and fire lines in sacred places and power spots

To activate energy lines within a sacred circle if used alongside and with the bounds of Grove Offering

To raise our energetic awareness of and connection to earth energies and lines for geomancy, earth healing and land working



Triskele -  activates the spin of water molecules in such a way that they can reset to a clean and pure state, and flow free of pollution and thought forms, especially dense or damaging ones



To activate water at an energetic level in such a way that it can deprogram and free itself from human input and stagnation

To help water energise and cleanse itself from chemical and energetic pollutants, and reorganise itself at a molecualr level

To activate or enhance water's natural ability to carry electrical  or "mental fire"

To enable the waters to regain their original lightness, fineness and effervescence

To help the physical waters and water lines find or regain their natural path way and free flow

To honour and love the natural waters, for water healing and water working



Eternal Pool - calls the singing waters home to their source, to their guardian pool, to harmony, to peace and renewal, so that the cycle may ever go on



To honour the water as one entity, and honour each drop, for it falls with intent

To encourage the waters to find their way home to the one and to honour the water cycle

To help each spring, river, stream, lake and sea sing its song in harmony with all others

To listen and become aware of the individual song of each body of water

To strengthen our spritual connection and environmental awareness of water, and know that water journeys through us too

To honour sacred waters and to make offering to the water spirits and guardians








red 4

Red Four - The Earth and Water Healers and Energisers


Part of the Brighid Path is very much about connecting to the land beneath our feet, recieving it's wisdoms. and honouring all of land, sea and sky with love and care. This set of four essences contain channeled healing energies specific to earth and water.  These are not for human consumption, but to offer to land and water to make reparation for human neglect or wrongdoing, or to energise and activate the fire lines in the land or the water lines, and  the springs, rivers, streams and seas.  


Grove Offering and Cross of Reeds are land specific, and Triskele and Eternal Pool are for natural waters, from spring to sea. These can be used direct from the bottle dropper or added to water or libations for offering. Each of the essences contain channelled information and powerful energies to balance, cleanse or acitvate. Those using them will find over time a raised awareness and understanding of fire and water principles as relates to land and water working.