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Deep Well 30ml dosage

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Holy Well at Kildare

The well we dive into to come up reborn

The descent into heart and soul to become beautiful, naked and luminous

“this is where we go to connect”

“tidal wave pouring through”

“the water has cleaned the bones”

Rebirth; diving into the old to be reborn
Deep healing; powerful cleansing; regeneration
Clearing old patterns; ancestral healing
Removing ingrained storylines; removing unwanted archetypes
Shadow work; clearing dense energy
Having the courage to go through a difficult process
Clearing familial shadows and releasing family karma
Releasing tears and shame; facing sadness, grief and anger
Stripping away old layers of that which does not serve
Going back to the bare bone of self
Past life work; accessing memory; soul and power retrieval

Directions for use:
Shake well before use. Three drops, three to four times a day under the tongue or in water. Six drops in a bath. Six drops in a bowl of water to change room vibration.

Nutritional Information:
70 calories per 100 ml.  Contains negligible amounts of salts, fats, sugars, saturates and carbohydrates.

Blue glass bottle with tamper proof dropper lid.