Brighid Path Essences

Ancient Wisdom for a Modern World

Land, Sea & Sky 30ml dosage

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The places where the elements play with each other, they play with the edges of each other

Our senses perceive where the edges meet and dance, and we discover our true selves

“it’s all about enjoying every little breath”

“everything is more alive than we realise”

“return to innocence”

Sensuality; laughter; playfulness; fun; pleasure; joy; honesty
In love with the self; self-care; opening the heart to the self
Relaxation; carefree; lowers stress; not too serious
Return to innocence; childlike wonder and appreciation
Enjoyment of the natural world; being in harmony with nature
Opening our eyes to all that is truly there; sensory awareness
Connecting to the elements; working with Elementals
Having awareness of the Faery, the Shining Ones, the Sidhe
Deep honour and love of the Land and all her Beings
Appreciating our natural gifts and talents; right usage of gifts
Right use of magick and spiritual power; without guise or harm
Connecting to the magick of the Land and Her Guardians
Experiential understanding of mythology and hidden truth
Movement; dance; art; sacred movement; somatic movement

Directions for use:
Shake well before use. Three drops, three to four times a day under the tongue or in water. Six drops in a bath. Six drops in a bowl of water to change room vibration.

Nutritional Information:
70 calories per 100 ml.  Contains negligible amounts of salts, fats, sugars, saturates and carbohydrates.

Blue glass bottle with tamper proof dropper lid