Brighid Path Essences

Ancient Wisdom for a Modern World

Pilgrim 30ml dosage

£15.00 (Sold out)

Wayside Well in Kildare

Hearing the call and stepping onto the path

Trust that you will be provided for and follow where She leads

“the pilgrimage will change you”

“having clarity without seeing”

“your feet know where to go”

Trust; surrender; service; willingness; quest
Sacrifice; anonymity; relinquishing ego
Belief in your own capabilities; trust the process
Fresh start; new beginnings; new project
Stepping into the light; clearing the slate
Connecting to the land; hearing the call  
Help with masculine trusting feminine
Healing feminine betrayal of masculine
Connecting to the sacred feminine aspect of water

Directions for use:
Shake well before use. Three drops, three to four times a day under the tongue or in water. Six drops in a bath. Six drops in a bowl of water to change room vibration.  Can be used for anointing.

Nutritional Information:
70 calories per 100 ml.  Contains negligible amounts of salts, fats, sugars, saturates and carbohydrates.

Blue glass bottle with tamper proof dropper lid.