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Three Cauldrons 30ml dosage

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The Flame

Three fires; three cauldrons; three worlds

“they spoke of alchemy, all of the different varieties of teaching that overlay, it’s all in the cauldrons”

“the world tree”     “ everything is there”
“to experience it is the teaching”

“the fires are completely separate, but burning as one”

Strengthening and connecting the Three Cauldrons
Balance and harmony; energy in body, mind and spirit
Working with the World Tree; accessing Three Worlds
Working with and integrating all layers of consciousness
Assimilation and union of many philosophies
Deep understanding of the interconnectivity of all
Centred in the present, with awareness of past and future
Strong physical grounding during spiritual growth
The Marriage of Heaven and Hell; inner alchemy
Experiential understanding of ancient wisdom
Practical spirituality; grounded and inspired presence

Directions for use:
Shake well before use. Three drops, three to four times a day under the tongue or in water. Six drops in a bath. Six drops in a bowl of water to change room vibration.

Nutritional Information:
70 calories per 100 ml.  Contains negligible amounts of salts, fats, sugars, saturates and carbohydrates.

Blue glass bottle with tamper proof dropper lid