Brighid Path Essences

Ancient Wisdom for a Modern World

Testimonials from those who have used the full set of Blue Nine Brighid Path Essences



Cath – Mum, lightworker and photographic business owner

“Being on the Brighid Path Essence journey has been life changing. Each essence is beautiful, unique and works deeply on multiple levels. They have taken my work with the land, my energetic healing work, and also my personal life to new and wonderful places through their profound connection with the divine feminine as Brighid. They are incredible tools that are much needed by the world.”



Jani – Director of the Art House, Southampton

“It is hard to put into words the depth and power of my journey with these amazing ritual and healing tools. The connection to the landscape, ancient traditions and inner work these essences bring forth have, for me, been a brilliant tool for accessing Brighid‘s role as creative and herbalists muse, they honestly took my art and healing practice to a whole new level!”



Lottie – Busy home educating mum of four

“I have been lucky enough to have the privilege of using the Brighid Path essences. I can’t quite describe how wonderful they are. Enabling a deeper felt journey into myself through the teachings of Brighid herself. Thank you Heidi for your work with her. Blessings x”



Michelle – Essence practitioner

“I used a few of the essences in a spray bottle for myself to connect with Brighid. I always feel that she is with me when I need some extra courage or to hear the nature kingdom's messages to me more clearly. The Brighid essences have a lovely energy and feel when using them. I feel they impart so much of the lost knowledge of the Divine Feminine and the sacred wells of the Celtic regions. Very pleased to have them in my collection of essences”



Adeola’s story of birthing her daughter

Adeola's journey with all the essences, but particularly Sovereignty has been profound.  I anointed her with Sovereignty during her Mother Blessing at around 8 months pregnant.  She took it up to and all through labour, she put the essence in the water and birthed her daughter into Sovereignty.  She has also credited Sovereignty with keeping any post-natal depression at bay and staying connected to her inner Queen                                                                                                                                    


“My experience of the Brigid essences has been profound and deeply moving. I have journeyed with them for over a year now through pregnancy, birthing and the first 7 months of my baby’s life. In this time the essences have built on themselves guiding me along a path towards strength and self-understanding. Each of them are completely unique and I have used them individually and in combination as the need arose. They taught me to listen more intently to my body’s needs and supported me as I grew into each aspect of Brigid that they represent. While each have been an integral part of the journey, Sovereignty was for me a transformative essence. Sovereignty offers a doorway to the regal empowered goddess-like aspect of womanhood. Throughout the vulnerable time if pregnancy and childbirth Sovereignty supported me and enabled me to take into myself this aspect until I felt as though it had become a part of my being. My daughter was birthed with Sovereignty in the water of the birthing pool she arrived into and I believe that the energy of the essence supported us both during that journey. There have been numerous other situations in which the essences have been a trusted ally and while I wouldn’t be without them in a prescriptive sense, as they are highly effective for dealing with specific ‘symptons’, these essences are far more than that. They truly are an energetic process of transformation from the core to the surface, not only creating a link to the sacred Brigid but strengthening and embedding that with you. I will be forever grateful for my time with them.”




Threshold has successfully been used in helping ease several painful and traumatic transitions though the portal of death, and provide solace to those grieving


Triskele is currently being used to heal waters in the Middle East and Ireland, amongst other places in the world



“This is incredible work you are doing Heidi, thank you”